Flight info by tail number not updated

Requesting information for tail number shows old data. We have not had this issue before. And the API does work for other tail numbers.

OH-LTN is flying on Route AY1890 from VRA to HEL. This was shown correctly on Flight Aware’s web interface.

This is not reflected on the API though.

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … &howMany=1

This request returns the following data

“FlightInfoExResult”: {
“next_offset”: 1,
“faFlightID”: “FIN95-1486967156-airline-0017:0”,
“ident”: “FIN95”,
“aircrafttype”: “A333”,
“filed_ete”: “09:28:00”,
“filed_time”: 1487144589,
“filed_departuretime”: 1487176500,
“filed_airspeed_kts”: 459,
“filed_airspeed_mach”: “”,
“filed_altitude”: 0,
“route”: “”,
“actualdeparturetime”: 0,
“estimatedarrivaltime”: 1487213625,
“actualarrivaltime”: 0,
“diverted”: “”,
“origin”: “EFHK”,
“destination”: “VTBS”,
“originName”: “Helsinki-Vantaa”,
“originCity”: “Vantaa”,
“destinationName”: “Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int’l”,
“destinationCity”: “Bangkok”

Actually, my bad. The api seems to return upcoming flight as first for this tail. Parsing more than one flight shows the current one.

We do not recommend using howMany=1 for this reason. You should generally request at least 15 (since there is no price difference until you request more than 15), and then allow your application to process the results to find which flight it is actually interested in.

That works, cheers!