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Flight history for VFR flights


Is there a way to look up the latest VFR flight data by N-number/ICAO identifier based on ADS-B transponder data in FlightXML? GetLastTrack only seems to return IFR data: “It returns the track log from the current IFR flight or, if the aircraft is not airborne, the most recent IFR flight.”


It’s still possible to retrieve Track data for ADS-B equipped VFR flights by using GetHistoricalTrack instead. However, this will require two queries as well as “position-only flights” to be enabled on your account.

Position-only flights can be toggled on/off in section 6 of your My Account page.

First, use the N-number in a FlightInfoEx request to retrieve the the most recent flight and the faFlightID that was assigned to it. Flights are ordered by departure time most to least recent. Then provide this faFlightID to GetHistoricalTrack to obtain the track log for that flight.