Flight Grounded in PHL...


I like this kind of story… Just get the point across!

I think it was US Airways 4091.

Many points in the story are seriously lacking! When did this happen? What airline is “flight 4091”? The story sounds like the plane originated in PHL bound for ORF, but the only #4091 that flies between PHL and ORF is Air Wisconsin 4091 which flies from ORF to PHL. The story was posted today, but as I type this message, AWI 4091 shows as “Scheduled” for the 16th.

This story has me asking more questions than it answers.

According to the flight status page at US Airways, 4091 operates PHL-ORF-PHL (it’s two mints in one!)

Today’s (16 Feb) flight shows it being diverted on the PHL-ORF leg while the ORF-PHL leg is shown as canceled.

As mentioned by NeedleNose, the flight is operated by Air Wisconsin as 4091 from ORF to PHL. The flight from PHL to ORF is AWI91A.

Ahhhhh… thanks for filling in the gaps, Mr. Ross. Makes sense now.