Flight enroute, not enroute on airport


N615GA is enroute to PTK but on live activity, there is nothing showing enroute or arrived:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N615 … /KILG/KPTK

And yes, N615GA is trackable.



Alright, now he is listed as arrived.

Why was the plane never listed as “enroute?”


Showing as enroute now as of 12:19. I see three track points at time of posting this message.


When he was flying from KILG to KPTK, he was never listed as enroute for the activity page for KPTK.


Now COM1030 from AZO to SBN is enroute but not showing up as “enroute” on SBN live activity.

flightaware.com/live/flight/COM1 … /KAZO/KSBN


You really should give times (with time zone) rather than just say “now.”

Looking at the flight, it appears it was diverted, although as of right now (1049 PDT/1349 EDT), the flight shows an arrival of unknown. If it’s not going to SBN then it won’t be shown as being enroute to SBN.


Were there several aircraft listed in the “En Route” section that perhaps were scheduled to arrive before the aircraft in question? Perhaps not enough room?



“Now” is when he posted.

Just look at the time stamp of the post and you will see he posted at:

11 Apr 2007 16:19

Gives you everything you need relative to the time you reply.



According to the time you said he posted, he went into the future to post because right now it’s only 15:35 EDT.

When I looked at the time he posted, it showed “Posted: 11 Apr 2007 08:47.” This is the reason why if you are going to say “now” you should quantify exactly what “now” means.


Ummm, try again.

Read lower RIGHT corner of box where you are preparing message. ALL TIMES ARE GMT.

So, there is no need to post time zones, as the time posted gives you everything you need.



It says GMT - 8 hours.
In any case, the posting I did that you replied to as quoted aboves shows: “Posted: 11 Apr 2007 11:33.” This was only one hour earlier than when I had actually posting it. Taking into account the stupid earlier daylight savings time start, I’d venture a wild guess and say the posting time is all screwed up.


Posting times are correct on the forum.

Your post shows 20:05 which is 5 hours ahead of Central Time. (3:05 p.m.)


I’d venture to say the forum times are correct.



The time zone is selectable in your profile.


From the Discussion FAQ’s

The times are not correct!
The times are almost certainly correct; however, what you may be seeing are times displayed in a timezone different from the one you are in. If this is the case, you should change your profile setting for the timezone to match your particular area, e.g. London, Paris, New York, Sydney, etc. Please note that changing the timezone, like most settings, can only be done by registered users. So if you are not registered, this is a good time to do so, if you pardon the pun!


While we are on the roll, a search of the forums would have also resolved the problem.