Flight data vanished after flight arrival!


This came up over in the College Football charters thread, but I’m reposting it here so the FlightAware admins can take a look:

The University of Washington football team flew on ASA7620 from KSEA to KLNK yesterday. Here is the permalink at the time the flight was filed/occurring:

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASA7 … /KSEA/KLNK

However, clicking on this link now reveals no information about this flight. The flight also no longer appears on the departure list for KSEA, nor the arrival list for KLNK.

Searching for flight data between KSEA and KLNK shows the above link for ASA7620.

Interestingly, the deadhead from KLNK back to KSEA is still available in FlightAware:

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASA9 … /KLNK/KSEA

So what happened? Did a bug in FlightAware cause ASA7620 to disappear?

Thanks in advance,



ASA7620 never departed and unflown flightplans are automatically deleted 2 hours after proposed departure time.


That’s weird. How do you explain the deadhead flight back to KSEA then? Perhaps it really did take off, but your upstream feed didn’t pick up the data?

Thanks for checking into it.


Clearly an Alaskan 739 did depart Seattle as the team made it to Lincoln. Not to mention the fact FlightAware has the deadhead flight back to Seattle linked to in the original post.


ASA7621 is the return flight. It is scheduled to leave on 17 Sep at 20:10 CDT. Aircraft type unknown.