Flight changes UAL1567


I have been watching Flight UAL1567 from KORD (O’hare) to KLAS (Las Vegas) for quite some time now. It has been regularly delayed about an hour for some time. This use to be a ~6:40pm flight but was bumped to a 8:40pm flight. BUT last night this flight did depart Chicago until after 12am. You think this flight will become a 12am flight?


No. It’s just a chronically late flight. Look at the flight delay information at theBureau of Transportation Statistics

(Caution: The site mentioned above can be very slow at times)


Thanks, when we booked the flight it was scheduled at ~6:40pm. Then a couple weeks later the flight scheduling changes and now it is an 8:40 flight. Now, I saw it jumped to 12am and was hoping it wouldn’t go that far out.

I am flying out on Monday…I can deal with a 9pm flight.

Thanks for your help.