Flight canceled after pilot curses at passengers


I assume we are gonna talk about this http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/04/07/swearing.pilot/index.html

Where a Northwest flight was canceled after a PIC swore at a passenger…Haven’t formed an opinion yet…I’ll see if other parts of the story emerge…



Mike Fergus, an FAA spokesman, said the FAA’s flight standards investigation unit was looking into the incident. According to Fergus, the FAA has the authority to send a “letter of admonition” to the pilot or, in the most extreme cases, revoke a pilot’s FAA certificate, which would ground the pilot.

What he did may have been unprofessional, but I’m not sure they could take this course of action. That’s unles they deem him not “of good moral character.” FAR 61.153©


If the FAA was** serious **about revoking pilots’ certificates for actions devoid of “good moral character,” there’d be a lot fewer pilots out there. :wink:


hope the faa never follows most crew around on layovers -


The Pioneer Press said the FO was disturbed by this and also taken off the flight. Must have been bad if the FO was freaked out by the outburst. And going after the passengerprobably came across like a mad man.


He was probably on the phone arguing about the previous night’s charges from the escort service. He’s like a patinum member and they forgot to give him the special gift and 5% discount.


I would hope that anyone in such a state of mind would admit he was in no shape to fly an airliner at that time. Terrible display of poor judgement.

I am curious what the rest of the crew was doing instead of shuffling him off the plane to calm down.

Revocation for bad morals would not be appropriate in anyway that I can think of unless it can be linked to safety. Normal adultery wouldn’t, in my opinion, be good cause. OTOH, sex in a public place might show a lack of good judgement and disregard for the law.


Sorta gives a different perspective on this thread, doesn’t it:


What? That all NWA employees are bad apples? :smiling_imp:


Plane Diverted Due To Passenger "Meltdown"
Hawaii-Bound Flight Diverted To San Francisco When Woman Hits Pilot After Smoking In Lavatory

(AP) A Honolulu-bound Delta Air Lines Inc. jet was diverted to San Francisco on Tuesday when a female passenger became unruly after smoking in the lavatory, federal officials said.

Delta Flight 511, a nonstop from Cincinnati, was over the Pacific Ocean when the passenger had “a complete meltdown freakout,” said a fellow passenger who called The Associated Press from the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport.

The flight was turned around after the woman hit a pilot who had left the cockpit to quell the disturbance, said Elizabeth Oglesby of Atlanta.

“She appeared to be out of her mind. Upset. Belligerent,” Oglesby said. “He threatened to handcuff her if she didn’t calm down. At that point she hit him in the chest.”

The woman was given oxygen and was taken to the hospital by ambulance after the plane landed.

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Aviation Administration did not immediately release the name of the passenger and it was not clear if she would face criminal charges. It’s a federal crime to smoke on a commercial flight.

Delta spokeswoman Chris Kelly said the Boeing 767 landed safely at about 1 p.m. and resumed its flight about an hour later.

“I wish I was on the beach right now,” Oglesby said before the flight resumed. “I think Delta did the right thing. You don’t hit a pilot in an airplane.”


That might be a good example of a tough case. Let’s say that the guy from the other thread is a pilot.

Obviously, termination would be automatic. But, should he lose all or some of his certs?

That behavior is against the law, and shows some serious lack of judgement.

I could see revocation of an ATP being called for, and maybe even pulling instructor or commercial. However, I think pulling all privileges would be overboard. After all, jail is likely in the cards for that. How much punishment do you have to lay on before it’s too much?

I can also see the FAA finding that it’s a matter for the airline and the cops and staying out of it. Maybe society is better off having that guy fly freight than putting him in the soup line where he has nothing better to do than prey on more women.


Charge her! No excuses for lighting up in the john! Hitting a pilot while the plane is in flight…? A moronic display of a person in need of a wake-up call. Whatever her problem is - be it stupidity, PMS or just off her meds, she needs to be held accountable! If she’s off her meds, perhaps the penalty will be a good reminder for her to take them in the future.


Hey, wait. I flew freight!

Ouch. :wink:


I always had suspicions about you lear :open_mouth:


Where was the NW flight bound for?


Northwest Airlines flight 1190 Las Vegas to Detroit