Flight Canceled After 2 Flight Attendants Get Into Fistfight

:laughing: What a turn on…wouldve loved to see it…

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Skirts and bra’s coming off and flying everywhere… :laughing:

You are assuming/hoping that they both look like Deltalina…

Yeah Beech - I was on a commercial flight where a couple of FA’s got into it over the procedure for closing the door (I think that’s what they were fighting about). I was right near the bulkhead and watched them - not really hitting each other, but alot of pushing and shoving and not very nice words being said, for nearly the entire LAS-CLT flight. It wasn’t anything like the dreams I’ve had about witnessing something like that, but looking back, it was pretty hilarious.

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Are you sure that they were female at all. I think I’ve had two flights on 9E’s CR9 with all male FAs, one of them, the pilots were the females.


Flight 887 returned to the gate Thursday morning after a passenger became ill.

Wow good point…never even dawned on me…well for the record; I’m assuming they looked and were both Deltalinas! And NOT DeltalinOs! :smiley:

I’m not sure it qualified as a fist fight. Reports now are of a verbal confrontation.

Come on man! You are ruining Beech’s fantasy! :smiley:

My fantasy is Deltalina and Jenna Jameson.

My fantasy is Deltalina, Jenna Jameson and ME!

Could be better. Deltalina vs. Queen of Sky! :wink:



No thanks dude, I don’t swing that way, now if you were a chick, maybe. :smiley:

Upstate NY is not getting a good feel for Delta Connection. First they lose one over Buffalo on final for two pilots not paying attention to what they are doing and now they cancell a flight out of Rochester because two F.A can’t seem to get along. I guess I better charter a privite jet.

I could have sworn that was Colgan flying under Continental Express, unless Delta Connection now has a blue tale with a yellow/gold globe on it.

And here i thought it was Pan Am… :unamused:

Yor right! However Rochester is now having to live with comuter airlines and that is pretty bad. Bt the way who was it that took off on that short runway a few years ago. I beleive that was Delta Connection.