flight cancel or what?

I booked my flights months ago from Seattle to Denver for Jul3, then from Denver to Cortez,co on same day…guess what…flight tracker just notify me that it left on time today ( jun26th) and that there are no flights going out of Denver to Cortez,Co on the 3rd…this is not good

If you are looking at the page that shows the history of the flight you booked, then you won’t see any flight from DEN to DRO until July 2nd (usually) for the 3rd. FlightAware doesn’t show commercial schedules. FA will show the flight when the flight plan is filed for the flight, which is usually 24 hours in advance. Even still, you won’t be able to determine if the flight will be on time because FA shows the depart and arrive times as it is filed. The delays are updated as the airline releases them as the time for the flight to depart gets closer.

Also, Great Lakes Airlines, which flies the Denver-Cortez route, uses callsigns that don’t match up to the flight numbers you booked the flight under.