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Flight aware TV map - locked to machine?


I received a link from our account admin to a TV map page (https://flightaware.com/commercial/tv/map/{my-code-here}). This works fine on the machine I originally opened it on, but does not work on the machine that runs our kiosk display.

Are these codes locked to the machine they’re first opened on? Are they not shareable between individual kiosks?


There are going to be a lot of “it depends” in regard to your question. If they have opened the link previously, then it will not work. They can create a new link and send that to you to use. Once the link has been opened, it cannot be opened again.

Also if the part after /map/ is a very long code, then it is likely that link has already been opened. If it is a shorter hashed code, then as long as no one else has not opened that link previously, you should be good to use the link.

Also, there may be a time limit on opening the link. If you want to provide more specific information such as usernames or the link that was provided to you, please feel free to contact us at support@flightaware.com and we can look more into the account.