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Flight alerts does not works on V3 API key Its works only one V2 API key

Hello Guys,

This side is Amit Rathore I am a developer hope you would like to better solution to solve this problem.

We are using username is AbduljalilAlojan

we are facing the issue in push notification alert which user set on the profile in mobile Application. When we use version 2 API that alerts works properly when we use the Version 3 API for the same code that does not work. users don’t get any push notification alerts of flight alerts. please let me know what is the issue with it?


Push alerts are not yet avalible at this time in FlightXML3. They are a planned future feature. We do not have an estimated time to share for when the feature will be ready.

Ok! Thank you for your reply

I would like to ask you that can I change and implement all APIs with the FlightXML2. This is asking sue to when we change with the version 2 for all integrated API then our project does not work properly eg. few APIs does not work like flight search details, etc.

Also i would ask you what is the alternate name of method in Version 2 API which is the method name FindFlight in version 3 API so i can use it with the version 2 API for search flights.

please provide the better solution.