Flight Alerts - date change after edit - [bug report]


Hi, I’ve noticed this behaviour for a while, but having been caught again, I guess it’s not on a ‘to do’ list.

So - I setup a Flight Alert in the usual way and I save it - all good.
If I then edit the alert and save it (regardless of whether a change was made or not), the date decrements by one day.

I’m using firefox (if it makes a difference).

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this or can reproduce it?



Sadly, I can report the exact same failure.

I set up an alert for a flight tomorrow and saved it.

I then edited the alert to add another email address and save.

It saved it as an alert for today rather than tomorrow

Not at all helpful.



Three months on and Chadd assures me this has been fixed.
So far, I haven’t seen a fault.