Flight alert issue


Since last week, I have an issue with one of my flight alerts. The flight alert from CYVO to CTP9 is not working. I set this alert last year and I had no problem with until last week.

For example, today, I didn’t received any notification about flight AIE352, from CYVO to CTP9. (http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AIE352)



We are looking into the issue for your alert set-up as from CYVO to CTP9.

However, from our records, you received over 18 alerts to your email and/or mobile yesterday. Did you have an issue with those?


No issue for those alerts, I have received all of them (to CYVO, and flying B732 / from CYVO, and flying B732). The issue is only for the alert CYVO-CTP9.

Thanks for the quick answer.


A strange part about this CYVO-CTP9 flights is we never get a flightplan, just a few amendments and then an active.

We’re still looking into your issue.


It looks like this alert (CYVO-CTP9) is now working fine. I have received an alert for AIE352 this afternoon. (http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AIE352/history/20120419/1714Z/CYVO/CTP9)

Thanks for your help. :smiley: