Flight Air Maps install on Separate Pi3 Stretch

I have read through the forums and saw Fligh Air Maps which looks pretty cool to use however I botched my install. What I am trying to accomplish is to run Flight Air Maps from a separate Pi3B running stretch and only set up for ACARSDECO2 and DUMPVDL2? It seams that I get all the way through until I get to the SQ Database username and password. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


I had this exact problem yesterday and had to start from scratch bc I totally messed up mysql trying to fix it.

Can you explain the issue in a bit more detail?

The second time round, I had already copied and pasted all the instructions into a newly created text file and edited it so that I could copy and paste the commands line by line into the console, which made it easier.

Later on in the process, you’ll find that there are a few steps that were either missed or not clearly explained and I had to extrapolate from later comments how to fix those things.

Did you follow the instructions in the forum? They are probably outdated.

I’d try following the instructions provided here:

Installation · Ysurac/FlightAirMap Wiki · GitHub

One problem is probably that it doesn’t really tell you how to install mysql and some other stuff.

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I mixed and matched myself, taking bits from everywhere and creating my own installation document as I went in case i wanted to do it again.

Lucky that!

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Here is where the problem lies with me,
UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘NEW-PASSWORD’) WHERE User=‘root’;
What part of this line do I edit foe the password? It may seam dumb but I am a novice at this. Do I edit what is in Parenthesis or do I edit the PASSWORD after = but before the Parenthesis?

I went back and read a bit harder into the subject and got the passwrd changed, but now this is what I get; You need to change $globalInstalled in settings.php to FALSE if you want to access setup again.

So edit settings.php and look for $globalInstalled
Probably it is set to true, you need to change it to false so the setup works.

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Don’t feel bad. I was a computer engineer from 1982 until 2011 and I messed that bit up because, although I’m no stranger to SQL spent years working on it and built a hand crafted website with a SQL backend, all my experience has been with other versions.

The only bit you need to change is the bit between the ‘ and ‘. So, if you chose a password of secure, you just type in UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘secure’) WHERE User=‘root’.

Let me know how you get on and don’t worry about asking for help. We’re all learners in something or other.


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How do I edit the settings? I appreciate it in advance.

You can use nano an editor.
That’s a program.

Programs are started by just typing their name on the command line as the first word.

In this case you want not just to open the program but a specific file.
So you need to specify that as a second word.
All words/items beyond the program name are called arguments.

For example:
nano -h

nano is the program name and -h is the first argument.
This will show you the help for nano.

Anyway if you use a filename as an argument it either needs to be the full path or a relative path.
The current directory should be shown at the start of the line (command prompt).
~ is a shorthand for your home directory also know /home/pi
If a path starts with / it’s an absolute path, otherwise it’s a relative path.

If settings.php is in your current directory you can edit it like this:
nano settings.php

With ls you can check the contents of the current directory.
Then with cd you can change the directory, for example:
cd /home/pi
take a look around with ls

probably there is a directory listed named flightairmap, settings.php is probably in there.

Anyway i asked you to edit settings.php, a file, not THE settings :wink:

You’ll figure it out eventually, maybe find an introductory guide for the command line.

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You should have used nano already and you may need to edit this file with it anyway becasue I think it is one of the things that got missed in the instructions.

To edit it type in: sudo nano /var/www/html/flightairmap/require/settings.php

among other things, you should see the settings which need to be changed so:

$globalName = ‘NAME_OF_YOUR_Pi’;

where NAME_OF YOUR_Pi is the name of your Pi obviously

$globalURL = ‘/flightairmap’;

and while in there you can change

$globalInstalled from TRUE to FALSE

If this is coming up where I think, I didn’t have to do this because I entered a password at the install screen the first time I used it and it now asks me for the password every time…

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This file is empty. I am going to reformat and start over. I botched the install. I’ll let you all know what transpires. However its my ignorance to Linux and you all are very helpful and I do appreciate it.

So far I have rformatted and brought everything alive. I can get to the web page but I get this; Error : error : SQLSTATE[HY000] [1698] Access denied for user ‘root’@'localhost’flight%20air%20maps%20inst%20fail%201

Its this part that onfuses me and what do I fill out properly? when I did I scolled down to the bottom and clicked the install.

Not completely sure, but i believe root is the correct user, password is the password you set previously via this command:
UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘secure’) WHERE User=‘root’.

(in this example “secure” is the password used)

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Then on database administrator user enter ‘root’ then in the database administrator use the password I set. Click the check box create database?

If you created the database already then no. Probably the instructions included that.

Where you changed the password did you also create a database?
(That was the mysql command line interface)

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I went step by step and the instructions say after creating then go to http:// my pi address/flightairmaps/install and finish the install. This is all prior to finishing the install scripts

Which exact instructions. After just checking on the wiki it seems the database part isn’t really explained there.
Are you going by another forum thread? (there are multiple)
Please link the instructions.

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Sorry for the delays I’m at the doctor’s office but under the wiki down towards the bottom of the page shows for install scrips for raspberry. Is this the correct procedure to install?