Flight 827

I’m currious, why did flight 827 have to be received at ATL runway with emergency vehichles, and what was the loud increasingly louder noise that the plane was making prior to landing. as you know the plane came to a stop and had to be towed into the terminal. was there any danger to the passengers?

Uhhh… how many guesses to what you’re talking about do we get?? Today? Delta??

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL8 … /KFLL/KATL

Is this the flight you are speaking of?

It’s a big aluminum tube, pumped full of pressurized air, with miles of electrical wiring, tons and tons of fuel, and two (somewhat contained) fires out on the wings, going 450 kts at 37,000 ft. There may be a very, very small risk.