Flight 253 botched response

The fire and rescue reports written after a briefing with the crew that responded to the incident show a number of mistakes in reaction to the Dec. 25 incident on Flight 253.

Wayne Metro Airport PD Crime Report

More than one hour after the incident on Flight 253, the tower knew no details of a bomb threat. Even after the suspect said there was a second bomb, baggage was still being unloaded.

More than two hours pass before the carry-on baggage of disembarked passengers is checked.

Officer reports show that, despite claim of a bomb, passengers are being allowed to leave plane before the aircraft is secured. Also, the passenger sitting next to the suspect alerts police to suspect’s carry-on bag.

Bomb-detecting robot can’t climb aircraft stairs because of wet conditions.

Fire/Rescue Division Report

Fire rescue won’t immediately give FBI agent a copy of terror suspect’s medical report, citing patient privacy provisions of the federal medical records law known as HIPPA.

Aircraft tells air traffic control tower about fireworks aboard plane, then tells fire rescue units they’re not needed.

U-M hospital workers raise questions about whether the injured suspect and medics were contaminated by unknown powder.

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Dutchman’s written statement

Terror suspect’s EMS workup