fleet map glitch


There appears to be a glitch in the fleet map.

When looking at fedex, the map for ALL the fedex planes only shows 2 planes eventhough there are over 100 airborne now. The map seems to be centered on ANC and HNL.

It appears to be doing it to NWA and COA as well. A ton of NW and CO flights are out, yet ANC is centered on the map. What about the mid west and east coast?


FedEx and NWA still doing it (centered in the wrong area? trying to show too much?). COA showing more, but makes the map awfully small. I’d rather it segmented starting with the US/Europe and scrolling to less-travelled areas. (also, where are the from/to tags on the bigger maps?). Thanks, Jan nr CID


It’s an issue with flights and destinations on the other side of the 180 deg longitude line. The mapping team is working on resolving it.