Flash Airlines B737 crashed into water in sharm el sheikh !


Hello guys,

I was just reading about the report of flash Airlines crash and apparently, the authorities inviolved didn’t conclude on the final causes of the crash , do you have any idea on how things went with this story?


The authorities DID make conclusions on the cause of the crash. The Egyptian government concluded mechanical failure of some sort, while the NTSB and the BEA (french authorities) concluded that the captain suffered from spatial disorientation.


Egyptian Factual Report


This is one of those worrying ones where no satisfactory explanation was found. The Egyptian board made several speculations but in the end

"No conclusive evidence could be found from the findings gathered through this investigation to determine the probable cause


Spatial disorientation may have been involved. Shortly after takeoff the captain swore and disconnected the A/P, so obviously there was some kind of malfunction. My guess is that his HSI failed or gave erroneous indications; I can think of no other reason to let the plane get into a 111deg. bank :open_mouth: . At night, over water and with no visual clues at all you have to trust the gauges and although it’s unlikely that both sets (PF & PNF) failed, CRM in some parts of the world does not encourage the FO to grab the airplane from the captain. Until it’s too late.


Without reading the reports I will assume they departed runway 22. A left turn puts them into a black hole situation within seconds. And I mean black. Almost anywhere else in the world there would be a boat or two with lights on. Not to say there are not boats in the area, but few and far between after sundown. I’ve departed runway 4 with a right turn and things go into vertigo mode right away. About the only airport just as bad is Beirut’s runway 21. There you have a few houses on the left side for a few miles. Oh and the French Frigate patrolling about 20 miles offshore, but they tend to run almost blacked out.
It sounds like the Captain tried to engage the autopilot and either he didn’t like what it did or it would not engage which suggests a possible instrument malfunction. The A/P will not engage if there is an invalid flag on any instrument it is referencing. That should have showed up in the FDR though.