Flags.js Update


I have noted a number of aircraft coming into the region with the country code being shown as ICAO (special use), upon reviewing the flags.js file I can see that range is 899000…8993FF.

When I do an ICAO lookup of one of the planes i.e. 8991B0 (B-18301) it says it belongs to China Airlines and is registered in Taiwan and states their country range is also 899000…8993FF.

ICAO24-address 8991B0 is from Taiwan TW ] : 899000…8993FF (1024 allocations, 10001001 100100-- --------)
8991B0 hex = 9015728 decimal = 42310660 octal = 10001001 10010001 10110000 binary.

Double checked where air China Airlines is based and it’s not China despite what I thought!
China Airlines (CAL) (Chinese: 中華航空; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Hángkōng) (TWSE: 2610) is the flag carrier and largest airline of Taiwan.

I have updated my flags file, not sure if someone wants to update the one in the latest release.


Politics. Taiwan isn’t an ICAO member so, I think, technically doesn’t have an allocation.

(The ICAO wording is “Block allocated for special use in the interest of flight safety.”, read between the lines there…)


Politics, true. If you ask China who Taiwan belongs to they will same them!


Taiwan shut out of ICAO due to Chinese pressure…

thediplomat.com/2016/09/internat … ut-taiwan/