FL to FL, yet some outside of flightaware's service area

Why does this flight show GMT time and part of which is “outside the service area”, when the entire flight is within the state of FL? Just curious.



We don’t have the timezone for ZPH, so we assume it’s outside the country and use GMT. Not a very good assumption in this case.

thanks for the quick reply. I see- now that I look at the ZPH airport info through flightaware. According to ZPh website , they are are EDT.

Our office hours are 8am till 6:00pm EDT.

Zephyrhills Airport
Phone: 1-813-780-0030
Fax: 1-813-780-0032
After hours: 1-813-714-6799
Mailing Address:
39450 South Avenue
Zephyrhills, Fl 33542

Maybe that’s the problem! While Zephyrhills is still on EST, the rest of Florida is on EDT . That confuses FlightAware so they mark it as GMT.

It is EDT, not EST - my typo- sorry

Is ZPH the same location as “Skydive City,” or is that a seperate airport? I know it’s in Zephyrhills, anyway. My cousin used to jump there all the time. She took me one day and she was going to go, but the winds aloft were rediculous. We watched some really skilled skydivers struggle to fight the winds. I had never realized how much those people eat, sleep, and breathe skydiving. Many of them even lived in campers right on the grounds. Reminded me of a stationary Grateful Dead show. :mrgreen:

If the winds are more than 0.0000000000000000000004 knots then, to this ol’ boy, the wind’s moving to fast for me to jump out a perfectly good airplane.