First try with SoapUI - How to


I created a new SOAP Project with SoapUI 5.0 ( ).
With this i let it create automatically TestCases.

Now I try to make my first steps with Metar.

For this SoapUI creates me a link:

This is the XML, which will be created automatically, where I filled KAUS into it.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:flig="">

Where do I have to save the login and the password?
Should I send it into header?

Thanks for help.

Credentials are usually supplied automatically in the HTTP request headers, outside of the XML, by your SOAP library.

With some SOAP libraries it may be necessary to manually encode the “user:key” in base64 and send the result in the “Authorization” header as part of each HTTP request. Use “basic” (not “digest”) for the format.

I know this is an old thread, but I ran into the same issue today and have resolved it. Posting here in hopes that it will help somebody else.

In SoapUI once the WSDL has been added to the project and the interface has been mapped out. You right click on the “FlightXML2Soap” node | Show Interface Viewer | Service Endpoint Tab then enter your FlightAware username and here’s what confused me. Enter your API key as the password, NOT your password for FlightAware website.

Alternatively, you can add your authentication credentials for each service call. When you have selected your service call in SoapUI at the bottom of the request window there is an AUTH tab. Same as above, enter your FlightAware username and API key prior to submitting your web service requests.