First lawsuit has been filed in SWA 1248 Accident at Midway


Yahoo business is reporting that own of the passengers
who was injured on the plane has filed suit against Southwest
and Boeing and maybe Midway as well


They’ll get some money out of Southwest, but I doubt that they’ll get anything from Boeing or the airport.


They will all pay part of a settlement rather than let it go to court.


Correct, there will be a negotiated settlement and it will never go to trial.

And the attorneys will get anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the money.




Closer to half. Most trial lawyers of the ambulance-chasing variety take around 45-50%. There are variables involved, like a settlement vs. a court victory, etc., but the real “winners” will be the blood suckers, er, I mean, attorneys.


The cost of all expenses related to this accident will be paid for by the traveling public - not the airline, airport, or manufacturer.

Legal expenses can approach 70 - 80 % of the total cost of the accident. Typically 30 - 40% to the plaintiff’s attorney, 30% to the defense cost, and 20% to the insurance company for administrative cost. Only 20% of the total cost will actually go to the victim. Also cases may take many years to settle which of course drives up the cost.

I think the public would be much better served by an “insurance policy” on every passenger for a fixed amount. This would allow a predictable risk, and prompt payment. The current system is ridiculous because each passenger pays about the same for a ticket but are in effect given a flight insurance policy based on their financial status. Rich passengers get much more “insurance” than the average passenger.

They will argue that this type of system will not “punish” those involved. I say lets leave the punishment part to the government. They at least try to scientifically find out what happened and instigate corrective measures.