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First Interjet SSJ100 flies to Mexico

superjetinternational.com/me … to-mexico/

On July 20th 2013 the first Interjet SSJ100 aircraft (MSN 95023) started its ferry flight from Venice (Italy) to Toluca (Mexico).
The airplane took off from Marco Polo airport in Venice to stop in Reykjavik (Island) – Goose Bay (Canada) – Bangor (Maine, USA) – Washington D.C (USA) – San Antonio (Texas, USA) prior to its final landing in Toluca, Mexico.


Skipping DC and SA :imp:

Probably won’t fly at all for a while – I’m sure you’ve seen the reason why:

aviationweek.com/Article.asp … 599041.xml

It’s in the air right now flightaware.com/live/flight/AIJ1 … /KBGR/MMTO probably didn’t want to risk the extra landings before getting it to Mexico :laughing:

the aircraft that had the incident in Keflavik was not the Interjet aircraft. It was a test aircraft operated by Superjet.