First Class on UAL

Actual first class or in a cage in the cargo area. :unamused:

The turkey to be pardoned by President Bush is going to Disney World.
When the president performs the 60th annual “pardoning of the turkey” ritual on Tuesday, the winning Thanksgiving bird will get a first-class flight to Orlando on a United Airlines jet.

On Air Force One, of course! :wink:

FROM needlenose-On Air Force One, of course!

Using one of those newly formed express lanes!!!

Doesn’t United use TED (all economy) aircraft for all their KIAD-KMCO flights?

Funny enough, I was on with Washington Center yesterday and heard “United Turkey One” check on. Very funny.

That is funny. :laughing:

UAL1555 (A320) didn’t make the Orlando run yesterday. Must have been it.