First Chinese Airbus delivery set for July 09

UK Rueters

China’s Sichuan Airlines will receive the first Chinese manufactured Airbus, a A320 model.

Coming to a river near you. :open_mouth:


like we didnt think that one was coming??? :smiley:

in a couple of years china will come out with a plane that is very similar to the a320 :smiling_imp:

how many will it hold?

just speculating…

yea so speculate how many passengers it will carry :smiley: :laughing: 8)twice as big as a 380?? carry 1600 passengers, max gross takeoff weight 2.5 million pounds?? come on!!! i just did you should too. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

for China anything is possible :wink:

thats my whole point. thanks for the reply.

anytime 8)