Fire at Miami "Gate Assignment" Tower


CNN is reporting (and showing pictures of) smoke and flames pouring from KMIA’s “Gate Assignment” Tower, which I guess is different than ground control…? They’re reporting that there are no delays because of this fire.

Apparently, there are propane tanks atop the tower. They’re saying that the tower was unoccupied, as it’s part of the new North expansion project at KMIA.


Saw the video too, looked like a pretty good conflagration!

Gate control is just that. Get permission to push and/or engine start from gate control, and then instructions to a “spot” where they then call ground. Like, “ground, Airline 123, spot 4 to taxi with Mike.”

Likewise, ground issues insctructions on arriving aircraft to a holding area and then the airplane calls gate control for instructions on where to go from there.

Obviously gate control is only used at the busiest airports, and even then usually at the busiest times. Without gate control the ground freq qould be rediculously busy with pilots trying to get organised in the crowded gate areas.