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Final record of flightInfoStatus:When FlightInfoStatus stop updating info of flights?

Hi FlightAware,

I am using FlightXMLv3. I saw many updated times for a flight in FlightInfoStatus API from departure to arrival time, even when the Status is in “result unknown|Arrived / Gate Arrival|Arrived / Delayed|Cancelled|Arrived”.

We NEED the final record of flightInfoStatus! We can not call query all day/all times after the flight landing. Your Status should be reliable when it is in “Arrived / Gate Arrival|Arrived / Delayed|Cancelled|Arrived”.
Because this affects on departure_delay calculation.

please help

Generally the “status” field is intended to be human friendly, but should not be used for for any processing logic since the phrasing used is possibly subject to change.

For flights that receive gate arrival times the actual gate arrival time will generally appear within a half hour of an actual arrival time. The actual time it takes is very dependent on the airport. This does not garuntee there will be no more status changes, but it is very unlikely.