Final DL/NW DC-9-30 flights


Today is supposed to be the last day for revenue flights of the DC-9-30.

Here’s one of the last flights, we’ll see what the last one will be. … /KALB/KDTW

Edit: Ok, this flight when I posted it was showing enroute and in the air as a DC-9-30, now it shows as a DC-9-50.

This is the second flight that I noticed that has done this so have no idea what is going on.

Edit2: Found out that this WAS a DC-9-30 flight and that flightaware sometimes has trouble tracking the different models.

Two more DC93 flights, … /KDTW/KTVC … /KDTW/KGRB

Edit3: Ok, this was the last DC-9-30 to land at DTW, … /KEWR/KDTW

It shows a DC95 but it was a DC-9-30, reg # N8945E.

The last ever DC-9-30 revenue flight as of now is this one, … /KDTW/KGRB

Edit4: Decide to run them one more day, … /KDTW/KEWR

shows as a DC95 but it was a -30.

What is wrong with tracking the DC9’s?