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Filter to view ADS-B or MLAT only on SkyAware

On SkyAware when viewing my live feed though 192.168.X.XX:8080, is there any way to filter on screen the available data sources? For example, the option to only see on screen MLAT, or ADS-B, or both etc.

Also, is there any way to relocate/adjust the positions the columns in the sidebar? I know you can select or deselect.

Take a look at the alternative interface tar1090 provided by @wiedehopf

At least the second part is answered with that. You cannot filter on source, but you can sort to have ADS-B on top

GitHub - wiedehopf/tar1090: Provides an improved webinterface for use with ADS-B decoders readsb / dump1090-fa

Installs straight forward as additional interface.

Isn’t this sort facility also available in dump1090-fa? I never tried to sort, so I dont know, and that is why I am asking.

It looks like you can do that. I was going to try just now, but everything in my table is ADS-B. You can definitely add “Data Source” as a column, and the column header is clickable - so I am thinking that you are correct.

Yes, you’re right. Seem to be a new feature released with V4.0

Thanks for the replies.

I am familiar with @wiedehopf projects. (big fan of graphs1090)

As far as I am aware, yes you can select ‘Data Source’ as a tab, and you can organise your list by data source, but this has no bearing on the map. I like the feature where different data sources have different colours too.

It was mostly the ability to filter out (on the map) different data sources I was interested in.

It’s been requested before … i haven’t gotten around to it (not really a priority sorry).

Open that gear icon on top, and check “Group by Data Type” will get sorting without having to add Data Source to displayed column.

@vkirienko just implemented it for tar1090 so that should answer your question.

Column ordering isn’t available though but … maybe.