Filed FlightPlan


Hi Folks.

As an avid FlightSimmer, I do love to follow R/W flights.

Not too much of a problem for overland flights but when NATs are involved I need to know the flightplan well before take off time.

I’m minded to track BA102 tonight from Calgary to Heathrow. This flight has varied recently from low Southerly to high Northerly trans Atlantic routes. So what route will tonight’s flight take?

FlightAware won’t tell me until it has taken off. I need to know at least 30 mins before it takes off so that I can plot it and file it with ATC (VATSIM).




Hover over the word “Scheduled” in the Activity Log and you can pick up the route prior to departure.


Wow! It works.

As no underline present I never would have thought of that by myself.

It only gives the mid-flight fixes but it’s definitely a start.

Thanks for that.




Speedbird 102 heavy

Notice they filed slant W ("/W") as the equipment suffix. Is that all, RVSM, that they have onboard??? No RNAV?


Unfortunately, this doesn’t work from a mobile browser (such as Blazer on a Treo).



Thank you, that is cool.