Fiji or Tahiti Flights


One day I plan to fly to one of these islands before I get too old. Leaning towards Tahiti, Moorea, etc., mostly because it’s closer, but have a couple years (or less) to research them so no rush. Looks like October is best month to beat the heat, the crowds and the rain. I will go absolutely nuts with my camera and probably have to invest in 5 or 6 more 1GB memory cards. Would be flying from STL. Just curious if anyone has visited these islands and have any tips on the best airlines, airports, etc. Planning to stay put on one island, aside from a few boat excursions. And yes, I am googling the subject too, but would like to read some first-hand stories. Also have to wait 36 years to get a passport first. Or if any pilots here would like to donate their time and extra fuel lol… Thanks in advance. :angry:.


They are both beautiful and interesting places. Personally, I would go to the islands around Tahiti (like Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, etc.) and would only spend enough time on Tahiti to change planes. Best way to see them is get a sailboat (and not a cruise ship). Since much of the most interesting scenery in the Tahitian islands is underwater, it is well worth getting your scuba certificate before you go.