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Fiji Airways to London

With Air New Zealand terminating London and Hawaiian Airlines considering Honolulu-London Heathrow, lets look at Fiji Airways.

The Fijian island is about to receive their first A350. What is the feasibility of a direct non-stop flight from Nadi to London Heathrow? Given Fiji’s tropical locale and transit heavy routes- do you think this is workable and a good replacement for Air New Zealand’s London’s routing? Fiji Airways is Oneworld Connect partners.

Some interesting routing to consider:

London->Nadi->Port Vila

I can’t think of any advantage compared to any of the MEL-LON flights currently available.

There are so many other options that I can pick the quickest/most convenient/cheapest that going via Nadi wouldn’t even get a look-in.

What advantage would you see for transiting in Nadi?

SIN-LON is already available in a single 14hr flight with a choice of 3 carriers in an A380.

Can’t imagine I would want to detour via Nadi.


There are countless ways to London, yes.
Case in point Royal Brunei Airlines from Brisbane and Melbourne, not to mention Garuda linking London to Bali.

But how many airlines can provide the right price match? It must also depend on the transit time, if it’s a 2 hours stop, that is seamless in a modest airport like Nadi.

If Fiji Airways can provide a right price match, Fiji Airways can use its location to dominate Oceania- that is Fiji Airways prime advantage. Out of all Oceania based airlines, Fiji Airways offer the best connections to the Pacific islands for British and European visitors.

No other airline can compete with that and the curries in Nadi is a killer.:airplane:

Recently the cheapest flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles was Fiji via Nadi.

It was about $300 cheaper than flying on a QF A380.

Problem was the 12 hour transit and a few hours more flying time in a less comfortable aircraft.

Im not seeing any reason to fly Fiji unless i want to break the journey there.

I just checked and the only cheap flight is 30 hours Mel to LAX.


There we go- $300 cheaper. I hope you know that Fiji Airways is getting their A350. They just get their paint job completed in Toulouse. The whole entire Pacific realm can be served by their current A330 aircraft. By ordering the A350, it is an imperative that they fly longer routes.

And 15 hours longer.

I do not discount the fact that you had a frustrating time connecting from Australia to Los Angeles. Fiji Airways must work harder to recalibrate their transit time for passengers. You must remember that Fiji Airways is about to receive their flagship A350 and with such unprecedented flying range- it is economically untenable for them to relegate this aircraft to the Asia and Australasia routes. Transit times are therefore not set in stone, it will change once Fiji becomes a transit hub for Europe and Pacific.

I guess we will find out when they offer a cheap flight at an acceptable total elapsed time. :sunglasses:

Fleet and route planning is always a conjectural activity. Success or failure rests on the ability to think out the box. For Air New Zealand to sever their British ties is a bold move. We need more bold thinkers.

It is a business decision rather than a bold move.

This may explain their reasons.

LOL! If NZ severs Seoul I can believe its a business decision. Not with the historical ties with motherland.