Fighter over Austin, TX


I just saw and heard a fighter flying clockwise around Austin. I lost sight of it heading southbound approximately lined up with Bergstrom airport. I went inside and checked airport activity hoping to see it, since the feed is a bit delayed, but I didn’t see anything. Anyone know anything about this?


99.99% of military flights won’t show on FlightAware.


I figured, hence my post here. A couple weeks ago, the news reported on an exercise they did involving a fighter and a single prop plane. Maybe it was another round of the same thing. They mentioned the crashing into the IRS building. Considering the occasional low-flying flights over our neighborhood that seem to go unnoticed by officials, I doubt a threat like that could be effectively defended. Thankfully, the low flying planes over the neighborhood seem to have stopped after some neighbors and I complained (combining witness reports and some basic trigonometry, we calculated a height of about 100 feet above the neighborhood).


Here’s the article on the exercise… … stin-skies

Some high altitude drama took place over Austin when Air Force jets intercepted a small plane during a special military exercise called, Felix Hawk.
The single engine Cessna circled above northwest Austin did not appear to be threatening. But the two F16s that streaked by certainly were.
“The mission is to actually go intercept and get them out of a hostile position,”