Fight on AirCon Plane at HIA

According to the local media, there was a fight involving between 30 and 30 prisoners on an AirCon plane at HIA yesterday. … _figh.html

I’ve seen these guys boarding Con-Air before, and they are cuffed and chained arms to waste and feet shackled. What did they do, headbutt each other?

I was in Miami clearing customs once and there was an all white ATR that taxied in right next to me. Then some dude in street clothes got off carrying a a MP-5, followed by a bunch of dudes in Jump-suits all handcuffed to each other.

DEA aircraft.

Several years ago at BFL, the CON-AIR 727 came in during the daylight hours. After parking away from everything, about 4-5 people with M16’s surrounded the aircraft and then the buses came to the plane to exchange the prisoners and then leave. Now it appears that the flight comes and goes about 9 pm 4-5 times a week. Our taxes at work for the best of aviation.

Was that the Planet Airways bird? They were the worst kept secret in town when they operated at PSM while MHT was undergoing construction. I used to get to fuel them while my “buddy” stood next to me with his Remington shotgun. No M16s though…

I remember that the 27 was just plain white, no markings.