FFeeder problem... is in this log??

Hi!, this FFeeder is out of the box, and everething look normal, but dont see any aircrafts
I think that in this log is a big hint…

here is:

Can i have your expert opinion?

Your FF appears to be offline currently so I cannot remotely diagnose it, but there is nothing immediately obvious from the last time it checked in, other than yes, there are no aircraft visible. The antenna seems OK. You can contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com for support if nothing shows up in the next 24 hours.

Hi obj !!! you can diagnose remotely? now my FF is on line !!!

Nothing obviously wrong. There is very little traffic in your area at the moment (other nearby feeders are seeing around 2-3 aircraft at most) so it may just be that there is nothing to see at the moment. Do you have the antenna set up outside with a good view of the sky? If you don’t see any traffic over the next 24 hours then contact support.

OK Thanks a lot for your time :wink: