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few possition reported?

why the FA equipment have so few possition reported(<1000)?, when from the same antenna feeds a FR24 equipment and PF equipment have over 5000 possitions?

why this?

Site 1165 - SVPR

Do you have one antenna for everything or one for each setup. So one FR24 antenna, one for PF etc…

How is your range?
Do you have Virtual Radar Server(VRS)? If you run VRS you can compare the range of your setups.

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I feed FlightAware, FlightRadar24 & PlaneFinder with the same RPi2 running a single dump1090-mutability application connected to a single antenna chain. Here are my results for Tuesday July 28th as report by all three sites…

FlightAware - Positions Reported 67,865 - Aircraft Seen 914

FlightRadar24 - Positions Reported 190,364 - Aircraft Seen 770

PlaneFinder - Positions Reported 145,754 - Aircraft Seen 771

So, the only difference between the three are the clients, piaware, fr24feed & pfclient and how they operate.

I have one antenna (FR24), a FA cable, splitter, the equipments, but i can see the other sites have lowest possitions on FA than the others.

You need to isolate the receivers from each other, or the LOs feed back and cause all sorts of cross-interference.
What is your splitter?

You need something like this: minicircuits.com/pdfs/ZAPD-2+.pdf (maybe not exactly that one, but something similar)
And not like this: amazon.co.uk/Female-Triple-A … B007POCJ80