Ferry Flights


Greetings from Adelaide South Australia
As an avid aviation enthusiast and historian here in Adelaide this is my first posting and it is unfortunataly you could say it is what we commonly call a gripe. I have sent an email to support but thought I would get what others feel
When an a/c is involved in a ferry flight it may or will often use a flight number and not it’s reg.
I am under the assumsion that a reistration would/should be included in a flight plan
I ask this question as we are expecting a Boeing 717-200 here in Adelaide its N reg is 902ME and there is a big hole in it’s activity log in the U.S pre it leaving Miami.
Does any member know what the story is as to registrations and flight plans
Geoff Chatfield


Ferry flights are often conducted with an airline callsign for planes owned/operated by an airline.


On reading mduell’s reply to which I thank him I now I realize that what I was trying to say didn’t happen so take two (2)
With live flight tracking is it at all posible to know what the registration of the aircraft if and when the aircraft involved it is using a company call sign as in the case of SXA919 which is a call sign for SouthernCross Airway a ferry company.
As I indicated in my first email one would assume that a registation would/should appear some where with in flight planning and then transposed on to live flight tracking
Geoff Chatfield