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Feeder users in the Tampa, Fl. area

Hey I was just wondering if there was any feeder users in the Tampa Bay area. I signed up for the feeder but there was already coverage here in the Sarasota area. So just wanted to link up with whoever is supplying the wonderful data! Blue Skies!

Hi there, i moved your post over to the appropriate category.

Building your own feeder can be quite affordable:

Or check my personal favorite items:

Coverage is most likely already very good in Florida, but it’s nice to have the delay free local map if you like that.

Go to the bottom of the stats page for a given user-id on the FA web page. (/adsb/stats/user/). There you will find a section of nearby sites sorted by distance from the lat/lon from the user-id profile. The user-id must be that of an ADS-B feeder.

There are 25 stations including mine within 12 miles of my lat/lon.

Found it! Also, noticed that I can pull up the lon/lat off the user. When I pull it up on google maps some of them you can see the antenna in the yard. Quite interesting

That’s truncated so you only get the neighbourhood.
But i guess in some cases it accidentally lines up.

You can choose the precision on the map.


I was wrong. Once I signed out of FlightAware, my Lat/Lon was truncated as wiedehopf stated.

That feature is bugged.
1 km is as precise as it gets.

Exact is the same as 10 km ironically :wink:

It seems to work OK for me; maybe you are hitting some caching? (The mostly-static data is heavily cached on the server side)

Just set my position display to “Exact” 10 minutes ago:

I’ll check back tonight if the position becomes “exact”.
Note the 1km and 10km buttons work as intended.