Feeder shown as inactive

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. I installed dump1090-fa separately and the check-in to Piaware was successful. Actually the feed to FR24 is also working fine now, only problem is am not able to see the map.

Pi24 from Flightradar24

current settings and status

The installation of dump1090-fa installs lighttpd also.
Lighttpd is necessary to display map of dump1090-fa.
Unfortunately in Pi24, lighttpd FAILS on reboot, causing map problem
The Pi24 image has a tmpfs entry for /var/log folder in it’s /etc/fstab file.
This entry causes deletion of contents of /var/log folder on reboot.
The lighttpd for some reason is unable to re-create it’s log file on reboot and crashes.

Details and workaround are here, if you are interested to see.
How to Feed Data to Multiple Sites - A Brief Guide

Best and clean options, which do not require any workaround, are as follows:

Download and write Piaware SD card img from PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware - FlightAware (scroll down to “2 - Install PiAware on your SD card”)
Install FR24 feeder by bash script from here Share your ADS-B data - Real-time flight tracker | Flightradar24

Download and write Raspbian Stretch Lite img from Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi,
Install Piaware data feeder+dump1090-fa from PiAware - dump1090 ADS-B integration with FlightAware - FlightAware
Install FR24 feeder by bash script from here Share your ADS-B data - Real-time flight tracker | Flightradar24

See here for detais:

Bake a Pi


If using Raspbian Stretch img OR Piaware SD card img:

  1. After writing the img to microSD card, and while the microSD card is still plugged into your Desktop/Laptop, in Windows/Mac file explorer, click open the drive letter for microSD card, and in the folder opened, create a blank text file named ssh.

  2. Before installing FR24 feeder by by bash script, install package dirmngr
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install dirmngr

This is a really comprehensive guide. Learnt so much from it and I am going to try it. But before that, wanted to let you know of a configuration that seems to fix the problems right now.

To my existing Pi,
→ Installed dump1090-fa (piaware issues were solved by this)
→ Used the ModeS Beast configuration suggested by you initially for FR24
→ Edited the /etc/rc.local file to manually create lighttpd and log

Now all of Piaware, FR24 feed and map are working properly

Did you get this workaround from here?

Of course. You had shared this link in your previous reply.