FedEx "Panda Express" Flight

FedEx is flying “Mei Lan” a giant panda home this morning (Feb 4th 2010).

The Story: … 83720.html … 85790.html

The Aircraft: … decal.html

**The Flight - FDX9750:**FX9750 (FDX9750) FedEx Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware

perm link: … /KATL/KIAD

now streaming live on CNN: … am1&hpt=C2

Hell of a long flight, 6645 nm, thought the cages would be a little bigger.

Them bears will just go to sleep on a flight that long… Those are lucky bears… Ridin’ on a 777. :frowning::smiley:

Found this while watching the video for the small plane landing with collapsing nose gear.

2:02 through 2:11 is the best part. :smiley: