FEDEX Making unexpected Deliveries

FDX568 diverts after dropping chunks of engine in Arkansas. See story here, with more details Here.

This is the second time in as many weeks that Fedex aircraft has lost engine parts in flight, when an DC-10 engine cowling came off after departure from Newark.

Edited because I assumed that the problem was with FDX568. In my linked stories, the flight is identified as FDX597. 568 looks to have diverted to SLC for another reason. FDX597 flew the route last night w/o incident.

Just curious…

How many engine pieces will have to fall from FL300 before the FAA/NTSB really starts looking at ALL of the FedEx fleet, or will FedEx be proactive and start doing it themselves? I’m not saying grounding them, because that would KILL FedEx (SELL YOUR STOCKS!!!)