FedEx flies terminally ill girl home

This happened just under a week ago locally (KHRO) and its become a pretty big sensation. Thought I’d share this as I know some of you are Fedex drivers. … 451602.txt

Heartwarming story and kudos to Fedex but so sad for the little girl.

Cancer shows no mercy.


Wow. Good for FedEx. They did the family a big favor. Sad to see people sick with cancer. :cry:

Wow, welcome home Jada, best of luck!

So many people complain about big business yet it is big business that does things like this.

This is not an isolated case. Most, if not all, big businesses (FedEx, Walmart, Target, Safeway, etc., etc.) contribute directly to their communities.

I realize many small businesses also contribute to their communities and thei may even contribute a big percentage of their sales to their communities but it’s big businesses that can contribute the most dollar wise (not necessarily percentage wise).

Southwest 145 caution wake turbulence you’re #2 cleared to land behind the DC-10 lifeguard flight


It wasn’t a FEDEX jet - they just footed the air ambulance bill for the family…

The Medway air ambulance, equipped with a medical team, picked up Jada and her mother in Houston on Thursday afternoon for the hour-long flight to the Harrison airport, where they landed about 4:30 p.m.

I’m not knocking FedEx here, but don’t think for a second that they didn’t calculate how much press they would get for that $11G’s. That is reality. That being said, way to go FedEx!!!

I didn’t read the article (hand slap)
So sue me

and even if they didn’t get any publicity, they certainly can deduct it from their taxes, as a charitable contribution. its a win (for the family) win (for fedex) win (for the patient) win (for general aviation in general).

An “amen” on all points.

I’m convinced that for every event such as this one there are several that get little or no publicity.

I think FedEx is awesome for what they did but they got hosed on the bill (and yes I have read the article now)

$11k for 2 hours on an evac is way out of line. We could’ve done the flight from FXE-IAH-(somewhere in ark)-FXE for that price, with a DR, a Nurse and 2 Meds. I’ll bet they also made the family sign a DNR.

I get ya now. :smiley:

Not just big business either. Some of our owners have done this several times over the years, and they have actually asked us to keep it quiet. Sometimes people do things because it’s the right thing to do.

the article says the patient is on the ventilator, that is the R in DNR.

DER- thanks. I’ve been a little off my game in this thread.