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Saw this as a featured photo on the main page. I really don’t believe sharing photos of families grieving is right. When the body of a local Navy SEAL was returned home, we did everything we could to prevent the public from viewing the aircraft ceremony.


Are you referring to the one of N192CK?




This photo is no longer featured.


Bush/Cheney did that as well with the bodies returning to Dover AFB from the war zones, although they did it out of embarassment, but the action was just as hypocritical.

Do yourself a favor and watch the movie “Taking Chance” next time it’s on HBO. Maybe then you’ll appreciate the fact that the public has a right to share in the family’s grief in public areas.


When I am approached by a half dozen Navy SEALs that request no one be allowed to view the ceremony, who am I to argue? And while you may feel you have a right, it is a matter of respect for family.

And thank you to the Flightaware staff. I am sure many families of fallen soldiers appreciate your discretion in this matter.


I agree 100%! I don’t think FA intentionally ‘featured’ the photo, probably showed up in that slot randomly due the number of votes and views it received. I’m sure some would say it shouldn’t be here at all, I disagree with that, I view the photo with the utmost respect to everyone who has fought for our country and made the ultimate sacrifice.

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How could witnessing/participating in the ceremony, even from afar, be disrespectful to the family?

That’s a rhetorical question Dave.

I sincerely doubt that anyone asked the family as to their preference.

IMHO the Seals in attendance did a disservice to their fallen comrade.