Feature Request: Stats/Graph Page a la ADSBReceiver Project


I’ve been playing with different images for the past couple of weeks. I like the ADSBReceiver Project, mainly for its stats/graph page, not so much the configuration of multiple feeds. In addition to that, my unscientific observation indicated that the FA image performs better, so I’m back to using it exclusively. But I miss the stats and graphs. Would it be possible to add the feature? Not on the FA internet webpage, but using the RPi webserver, just like the ADSBReceiver Project serves it.

The graphs are essential for the proper setup of the receiving station. Through them I found that the best gain for my setup is 16.6 dB. Before using the graphs, I was wasting a lot of time trying different combinations at a much higher gain settings.

Thanks for your consideration.


You can always just go through the Receiver Project script and skip over everything except the graphs and have it with dump1090-fa.


Works great. Thanks!


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