Favorite Heavies?

What are your favorite heavies?

Don’t forget the 707 and DC-8. These are both “heavies.” The 707 is my favorite.

Now, if you mean “widebody,” that would be the L-1011 because of its graceful looks.

I’ve gots to go with the L-1011.

Yes, the “gots” was done on purpose. However, I am in a particularly ornery mood today, but I will refrain from the evil comment I could have made in reference to Dave’s “widebody” comment, out of pure respect. :smiling_imp:

Yep! The L-1011 Tri-Star! First jet I ever flew on, so I’m a little bit partial to it. But yeah, she was a fine lookin’ honey too!

I just picked the most popular ones.

Thought the point of a poll would be to find out which one the popular ones are.