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faup1090.tcl matters

I am running piaware_1.15-1 on a Raspberry Pi. The 3600 second restart seemed a little short for my location, so I went digging to see if I could lengthen it, and also why the faup1090 restart interval seemed to revert to 300 seconds after the initial 3600 second value was exceeded.

In line 227 of /usr/lib/piaware/faup1090.tcl I note there is a $::::nfaupMessagesReceived variable used in a subtraction that does not seem to be referenced anywhere else. I mostly see ::nfaupMessagesReceived elsewhere in this file, with only 2 colons. Am I barking up the wrong tree, please? I have never used tcl and tk before.

I found the 3600 second value in config.tcl.

Thanks for a great product.