Fares dropping??

I frequently fly the PIT-JAX route. Looking at fares on US, they are actually about $20-50 lower than normal (for Aug. it’s $178, and I paid $233 back in Apr.). This is also true on a few other routes.

With gas prices soaring, I imagined they’d be much higher. Is this due to the new bag/bev fees? It’s about the only thing I can imagine.

It could be a matter of supply-and-demand seasonal thing. More people may want to go to Florida in April than in August.

It might just be a sale. Also, you could be checking farther in advance compared to when you last did, where there are more seats.

Did the airport start up new service with another airline? Good ol’ price wars driving each other out.

Well, I’ll have to say no to all of your suggestions, of which I did take into account.

However, there probably are seats and less demand. That’s my best bet.