Fairchild PT-19 aircraft designator for photo section?

Could anyone shed some light on what code I should use for a Fairchild PT-19 in the photo section? The site is resolving it as a Beech 19 Sport which obviously isn’t quite right lol. I’ve tried M-62 and any other variations but none seem to work. Thanks!

flightaware.com/photos/view/9441 … tes/page/1

FA62 will get you the PT-26 Cornell, but it is the same ICAO type as the PT-19 Cornell. That is the only thing I could find at the ICAO search.

icao.int/publications/DOC864 … earch.aspx

FA62 worked and seems appropriate… Thanks! It matches the other image results.

Thanks again…

Youre welcome. Thank you for contributing.