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Failed to read piaware status file

Hi All

I have tried getting help from adsbsupport@flightaware.com but besides a mail telling me to reboot the receiver (that I have done numerous times without success), I have had no other response.

I have a blue Flightaware receiver. We had a major lightning storm a few days ago and suspect the receiver got a surge through the LAN port that it was connected to the network with. The LAN port is now dead and does not respond. Managed to connect wireless but under the status menu, the 1909 radio, MLAT and Flightaware menus all say “failed to read piaware status file - no such file or directory”. I suspect the device has got irreparable lighting damage - if not, anyone know what else I can try - keeping in mind that I know a bit about this stuff but am a plug and play type guy.

If device needs to be replaced, how would i do this with Flightaware?

Thanks in advance,

adsbsupport@flightaware.com is the correct address to contact to sort this out - please let them know that you’ve tried the reboot and explain the damage you see.

Thanks, have done this but will try again.

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