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fadump1090.sh (FlightAware) vs. dump1090.sh (PlanePlotter)

Hello Everyone,

I’m getting this message in my log file: “you don’t appear to have FlightAware’s (no /etc/init.d/fadump1090.sh)”

I see on this forum there is a downloadable “fadump1090.sh” file. Is it a simple matter of downloading this into the /etc/init.d/ folder on the RPi?

I am successfully running a PlanePlotter ground station (Er) off the same RPi and dongle and I have a /etc/init.d/dump1090.sh for PlanePlotter and I sense I can not have both?

Is there a way to combine fadump1090.sh (for FlightAware) and dump1090.sh (for PlanePlotter)?

Any help on this would be appreciated.



Many of us are using dump1090- mutability, there is a topic for it in the forums … It can replace both of the other softwares